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Fully Automatic Machine for printed media Industry

More Features
Easy operation.
New type of tape head.
Two-side guiding rail.
Both side compression rollers for tight sealing.
Tape overlap length 60±5mm.
Top mast with cushion for smooth sealing.
Large-sized driven pulley (Ø102mm): Smaller belt arc, Larger pulley-belt contact area, Non-slippery, and Durable.
Wider belt (75mm) for better seizing. Belt with linking buckle: Easy to change.
Caster with brake.
Extension roller table  L370/500 x W620mm
60 sec. auto-stop: electricity-saving
Tape overlap length 70±5mm
Tape overlap length 95±5mm
Sealing width or height can be increased.
2" or 2.5" tape bushing
Bigger tape roll O.D. 340mm (13.5")
Stainless steel structure SUS #304
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