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Wrapping machines which are semi automatic and fully automatic

More Features
PLC control.
Turntable conveyor: Infeed article for positioning & Outfeed article after wrapping, film-cutting, and film-wiping. Unmanned packaging is done at one time.
In acordance with top sheet dispenser, top-sheeting can be completed.
Turntable with slow start/stop and reset function.
Film carriage search height sensor: Detect for monochrome or chromatic articles.
Turntable and film carriage speed adjustable by inverter.
Film carriage bottom safety detection.
Film carriage upper/lower limit safety switch.
Manual/Auto mode operation.
Column can be put down when moving.
Stepless pre-stretch system
Top press platen
Top sheet dispenser
Article turn 90° outfeed
Front/Rear limit sensor detection
750mm film carriage height
Middle reinforcing wrapping
Wrapping height can be made on request
Blade-type film-cutting device
Safety fence
Other specification can be made on request
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